Frequently Asked Questions

Call for Submissions is now open, and the application window will run until Sunday 1st September 2024. We want to give our panel of expert judges as long as possible to devote the necessary attention to each of the shortlisted projects, and this window will allow this.

To start an application, visit and proceed from there. It is part of our ethos that the application process should be as accessible as the new pedagogies we’re trying to inspire, so application is free for all participants.

All Shortlisted projects are eligible for the second and third round of judging. However, projects that secure a Showcase Pass for the live in-person event gain the opportunity to present one final time to Grand Jury Members who will be in attendance for final deliberation.

Showcase Passes will be available from October on

Our tailored application process means that you can revisit your project at any time to develop it as much as you want until 1st September 2024. When starting your application, all we require is a few personal/organisational details, and details of a Team Leader that we can contact with any crucial Reimagine Education information. The specific project sections don’t need to be complete until end of day Sunday 1st September giving you time to hone your application to perfection.

While attending the conference is not obligatory to qualify for any of the awards, it is highly encouraged to be present in case an award is bestowed upon you.

The QS Reimagine Education conference extends beyond the mere exploration of top educational innovations by assembling the world’s foremost innovators, educators, and thought leaders. Reimagine Education has facilitated numerous collaborations that originated from the conference.

QS Reimagine Education is unable to offer complimentary or discounted tickets for showcasing shortlisted applicants. Many showcasing shortlisted delegates seek institutional funding or use corporate budgets. We encourage applicants to ensure that their personal or organisational budgets will permit attendance when they apply.

You are welcome to contact our team to seek advice. Please note that you cannot enter the same project for multiple award categories. You need to select the category most aligned to your project. If you enter the same project for multiple categories, the Reimagine Education team reserve the right to decide on the most relevant category and delete the copy entries.

Yes! If your institution/organisation feels like they have created – for example – three worthwhile but different projects for the e-Learning category, then please do enter all three projects into this category.

Yes, you can enter as many projects you wish using the same account. However, for each new project, you will need to specify a team leader and participating institution/organisation. You do not need to create different accounts for different projects.

You’re welcome to enter as many projects as you want, provided each project is assigned to one category. There is no entry cost, so financial issues should not deter you, and we welcome any project that is going to optimize pedagogy and/or employability for the 21st century. Our panel of judges will assess each project on its merits, and there is no judging penalty if you’ve applied with a different project already. If an institution or organisation produces three truly outstanding attempts at reimagining education, our judges will reward their insight and creativity with three awards.

Absolutely! QS are passionate advocates for the value of collaboration – it is a cornerstone of the inclusive, accessible, dynamic educational culture that we want to help create. If you are collaborating, we advise entering the details of all relevant organisations in our ‘Apply Now’ section, and we also advise creating legally binding arrangements about prize distribution for safety’s sake. Aside from these two minor points, feel free to collaborate away!

True to our motto – Never Stop Innovating! Only previous projects which have been awarded a category gold or one of the two overall awards – Global Education Award and Global EdTech Award – should not re-enter the competition unless there has been clear monumental developments since winning gold or one of the overall awards.

True to our motto – Never Stop Innovating! If you didn’t win any of our Awards last year (or, indeed, any previous edition), keep trying! We’ve created this guide so that every single applicant understands what our panel and team are looking for, and how the best projects successfully reimagined education last year. Armed with this information, we believe that every applicant can succeed, if their project is truly innovative and is either scalable or has depth. This is also the case for projects that were shortlisted last year but were not selected as a category winner. We urge you to keep iterating!

Of course. If you are the owner of a project in an early stage of development, simply select ‘Academic – Early Stage’ or ‘Venture – Early Stage’ when you commence your application. You will be taken through a slightly different application process, and your project will be judged according to slightly different criteria. If possible, please set up your entry with sample data, and ensure you provide us with links to the project as it stands.

We recommend that you consider supporting your entry in some of the following ways:

1. Documents offering an insight into the introduction or implementation of your product into a particular context/ institution/ country and its scalability;

2. Readily available information about trials or tests conducted within the target audience of your project;

3. Project’s reviews published in the educational, industry-specific, or local press;

4. Any other documentation that demonstrates how your project adds value to the world of education;

5. Evidence to show that you have undergone substantial initial research and feasibility analyses, which will form key aspects of the judging criteria for projects at an early developmental stage.

Due to the substantial number of applications, we are unable to give feedback to applicants who fail to pass our first judging stage. However, feedback may be available upon request for projects that were shortlisted but did not win.

Before the call for submissions closes, we will make the list of judges available to the public – please keep consulting All applicants can expect their project to be judged by a minimum of three independent judges, at every stage of the competition, thus ensuring that judgements are as robust as possible. All judges will work in the education sector or be experts in the field of the awards submissions they will evaluate. The applicants of the shortlisted projects will be notified via email by mid-October. Category winners, runner ups, and overall winners will be announced at the in-person conference in London on December 9-11. Unsuccessful shortlisted applicants will not be notified.

All shortlisted applicants will be notified by mid-October and registration will open for all successful applicants to have time to book the Showcase Pass and sufficient time to prepare their five-minute in-person elevator pitch. These Showcase Passes are in high demand but are limited, therefore are operated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Category winners, runner ups, and overall winners will be announced during the live in-person conference and Gala Dinner, respectively. QS Reimagine Education conference will be held in London , 9-11 December 2024.

Yes. Reimagine Education categorise winning projects as: – Gold Award – Silver Award – Bronze Award.

Shortlisted projects, institutions and organisations will receive a QS Reimagine Education Awards Shortlisted e-Badge and e-certificate free of charge.

Shortlisted projects will appear in our Innovations Directory.

Shorlisted projects that secure a Showcase Pass will gain the opportunity to present their project to the audience and Grand Jury Members at the in-person conference in London, 9-11 December 2024.

Reimagine Education Awards category winners and runner ups will receive all the benefits of the shortlisted plus additional global visibility at the conference held in London, 9-11 December 2024 and in the global press release and social media announcements.

The highest scoring edtech project and pedagogical innovation will each receive a prize – Global Education Award winner will be awarded US$25,000 cash prize, and the Global EdTech Award winner will be awarded Google Cloud credits worth US$ 25,000, sponsored by Google Cloud

Please do take some time to review our Terms and Conditions before submission.