QS Reimagine Education Awards & Conference 2024

Welcome to the QS Reimagine Education Awards & Conference 2024, the ultimate gathering for a global community of ‘Reimaginers’— university leaders, faculty and educators, innovators, investors, startups, employers, and policymakers, who are pioneering the transformation of education, including K12, higher education, business education and lifelong learning.

From December 9th to 11th, in London and online, join this rich tapestry of changemakers in an electrifying exchange of revolutionary strategies, ground-breaking ideas, insightful dialogues, and meaningful networking opportunities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to highlight innovative approaches enhancing learning outcomes and employability for a billion future learners. Our framework revolves around the future of work, universities, and learning, viewed through the lenses of sustainability and values. We strive to create a transformative impact on the education landscape globally.

QS Reimagine Education Awards: A Showcase of Global Innovations

QS Reimagine Education Awards serves as a prestigious platform to recognise and celebrate the pioneers of education across the world, fostering a vibrant community of innovators committed to redefining learning and employability for future generations.

The call for submissions will open soon.

With 17 diverse awards categories, we honour the most transformative and forward-thinking programs, technologies, and pedagogical approaches that are revolutionising education.

Each year, we attract over 1200 submissions from around the globe which undergo a rigorous evaluation process by our esteemed panel of 900+ international expert judges.

Through the Reimagine Education Awards, we honour the exceptional efforts of educators, institutions, and edtech startups in preparing learners for the challenges of the future.
The awards celebrate excellence and inspire collaboration.

The Global Education Award winner receives a prize fund of 25,000 USD, which not only acknowledges their outstanding achievements but also provides financial support to further enhance and scale their innovative educational initiatives. This prize fund serves as an investment in their future success, allowing them to continue making a significant difference in education.

In addition, the Global EdTech Award winner is granted Google Cloud credits worth 25,000 USD. These credits provide access to powerful cloud-based tools and services, enabling the winner to leverage cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure to drive their edtech solutions to new heights. This support from Google Cloud empowers the winner to innovate, expand, and deliver transformative educational experiences to learners around the world.

Join us in celebrating the visionaries and pioneers who are shaping the future of education. Together, let’s embrace innovation, share knowledge, and collaborate to transform education for a brighter tomorrow.

Conference Overview

Please note that the conference program is currently being designed, and the summary below is subject to change. We are actively working on curating an exceptional line-up of speakers, engaging sessions, and insightful discussions to ensure an unforgettable experience.
Stay tuned for the latest developments and exciting additions to the conference agenda.

Day 1: Igniting Innovation and Collaboration

Our transformative journey begins with an exclusive, invitation-only speed roundtable, providing startups with an invaluable opportunity to connect with potential investors. It’s a launchpad for innovation and collaboration.

The networking lunch sets the stage for unmissable thematic Peer Learning sessions. From “Teaching & Learning 3.0” to “Unleashing Potential: Mastering Talent Development,” and from “Developing Effective and Marketable EdTech Solutions” to “Implementing Sustainability,” these sessions promise engaging and enlightening discussions, fuelling inspiration and new ideas.

The highlight of the day is the showcase by shortlisted innovators vying for our esteemed Reimagine Education Awards.

As we conclude the first day of our conference, we honour and celebrate the regional winners of these prestigious awards, marking the start of our collective journey to reimagine education and shape a brighter future.

Day 2: Challenging Norms and Driving Transformation

We begin with heated debates on the relevance of traditional degrees and the profound impacts of Generative AI on learning. Between these thought-provoking exchanges, we celebrate the spirit of innovation with awards in categories like ‘Innovation in Business Education’, ‘The Power of Partnerships’, and ‘Sustainability Education’ .

A uniquely formatted ‘Flipped Panel’ discussion ensues, paving the way for further award recognitions, including ‘Best Use of Generative AI’ and ‘Immersive Experiential Learning’.
After a gourmet lunch ️, our focus shifts to innovative strategies for tailoring curriculum to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the modern workplace. Concurrently run workshops promise practical insights, from fundraising strategies for startups, to implementing immersive and experiential education, to leading digital transformation for future-ready universities.

Finally, we wrap up the day with more awards, including ‘Breakthrough Technology Innovation’, ‘Learning Assessment’, and ‘Science of Learning’, followed by an insightful fireside chat, featuring a leading policymaker discussing the UAE National Agenda and their vision for the Future of Education. These are just a few examples of the planned sessions – more are being included as we get closer to the conference.

Day 3: Reimagining the Future - Students as Change-Makers, Rethinking Education, and Harnessing AI

Prepare to be captivated as Day 3 propels us further into exploration, immersing you in interactive sessions that amplify the role of students as change-makers. Witness a transformative experience as students become ‘books’, sharing their real-life stories and hands-on projects that promote Sustainable Development Goals. Engage in lively dialogues and gain unique insights into their impactful contributions, showcasing how education empowers the leaders of tomorrow.
The panel discussion, “Rethinking Business Education: Adapt, Innovate, and Thrive”, engages with the impacts of the fourth industrial revolution on business education. Delve into discussions on digital transformation, evolving student and employer expectations, and the imperative for inclusive and sustainable business practices.

The morning’s round of award presentations will recognize achievements in “Access, Diversity, Inclusion”, “Nurturing Values and Ethics”, and “Nurturing Wellbeing and Purpose”. Celebrate the individuals and institutions dedicated to creating inclusive, ethical, and purpose-driven education.

Following a stimulating keynote and a fireside chat, we present awards for “Developing Emerging Skills”, “Nurturing Employability”, and “Lifelong Learning”. Honour the individuals and initiatives that empower learners with the skills and mindset needed for success in the evolving world of work.

After the networking lunch️, our hybrid panel, “Innovative Learning Models for a Digital Generation”, turns the spotlight on education approaches for Generation Alpha. Explore the strategies and technologies that cater to the needs of the digitally native generation, shaping their learning experiences for a rapidly changing world.

What will global education look like in 2030, a sector estimated to be worth $10 trillion? Join us for a much-anticipated session on economic, social, and technological trends, where we envision the future of education and its impact on society.

We will then highlight and reward innovation in “Blended and Presence Learning” and “E-Learning”. In the final debate of the conference, we tackle a thought-provoking question: Will Artificial Intelligence lead to Mass Unemployment? Join the dialogue and contribute to this consequential conversation that explores the role of AI in shaping the workforce of the future.

“We are Reimaginers” is our engaging wrap-up session that reflects on the insights gained throughout the conference and charts our course forward. Join us as we synthesise the learnings and set the agenda for the future of education.

Our conference culminates in a celebration at the Gala Dinner, where we announce the 2023 Overall Award Winners. Join us in applauding the ingenuity and impact of the most innovative Reimaginers in our ever-growing global community.

Excellence in Thought-Leadership

At the QS Reimagine Education Conference, we have a rich legacy of hosting distinguished speakers from influential companies, leading universities and business schools, NGOs and innovative startups worldwide. Our speakers have represented renowned companies and institutions, including Accenture, Airbus, Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Coursera, edX, EY, FutureLearn, Google, Intel, Mastercard, Meta, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Tencent, and universities such as Arizona State University, Brown University, Columbia University, Georgia Tech, Harvard University, Hong Kong University, Imperial College London, INSEAD, London School of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), National University of Singapore, Stanford University, Tec de Monterrey, The Wharton School,  UC Berkeley, UCL, University of Cambridge, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), among many others.

Their expertise and insights have consistently shaped past conferences, inspiring and challenging attendees to reimagine the future of education. Through their diverse perspectives, these thought leaders have ignited powerful discussions, influenced industry practices, and propelled innovation in the education sector.

As we look ahead to the 2023 QS Reimagine Education Conference, we eagerly anticipate the exceptional diversity of thought and expertise that our upcoming speakers will bring. Their contributions will further enrich our conference and foster an environment of transformative ideas, ground-breaking strategies, and collaborative action.

Join us at the conference and be inspired by the knowledge, experience, and thought-provoking insights of these remarkable individuals and organizations. Together, we will continue to redefine the frontiers of education and shape a brighter future for learners worldwide.

Partner with Us

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Join us this December for a powerful confluence of ideas, innovation, and inspiration. Together, let’s reimagine the future of education at the QS Reimagine Education Conference 2024.

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