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Call for submission for Reimagine Education 2015 AWARDS now open

Submission Deadline Extended to 25th September 2015


Tickets for Reimagine Education 2015 Conference now available

Tickets available for all days of the 2015 conference and Awards Dinner


Why we need to reimagine education?

The time is right to identify innovative learning solutions emerging around the world, whether globally relevant, or adapted to local needs. The current pedagogical approaches are insufficient for preparing the billions of students pursuing higher education globally as well as the type of leaders, entrepreneurs, and thinkers that we need for the future.

The rising cost of traditional education is another incentive for change. So are the enormous advances in technology that allow, the customization of education to individual learning styles, group learning, online interactivity, gaming and real-time employer projects.

With knowledge at the heart of modern economic competitiveness and individual career success, steps must be taken to ensure that higher education equally benefits the intellect, cultural literacy and career-readiness of its students.

The global competition

Reimagine Education is looking for projects and initiative that are truly innovative and that are scalable. An international panel of 40 distinguished judges will shortlist the best projects and select the winning entries. The call for submissions is now open. The deadline to finalize your application has been extended to the 25th September 2015. You can register your interest now, receive your login and complete your submission at your convenience by the deadline.

The shortlisted projects will be announced on 31st October 2015.
The Awards ceremony and gala dinner will take place on 9th December at the Reimagine Education Conference in Philadelphia.

Employers are demanding work-ready graduates, with soft as well as up-to-date hard skills and there is an ever increasing need for lifelong learning.