ASIA PROGRAM: 2pm-5.30pm SGT (GMT+8)


Future of Teaching and Learning

The track most at the heart of the Reimagine Education mission: what does tomorrow’s classroom look like? How can educators harness the transformational power of new technologies to improve both teaching delivery and learning outcomes? Platforming in-depth, expert-led explorations of the role that neuroscientific progress, machine learning, artificial intelligence, work-oriented experiential learning, virtual and augmented reality, the online classroom, and multimodal delivery modes have to play in creating a classroom fit for tomorrow’s learners.

Future of the University

In this track, we explore questions existential and fundamental for the higher education sector: how can universities adapt their institutional processes, governments, and financial models for the twenty-first century? How are new tertiary educational models disrupting the space, and what enduring value might those new models have? Most importantly – what should the response of traditional providers be to those disruptors: collaboration or consolidation? Beyond that, we’ll also explore the viability of higher education’s existing financial arrangements in a world of ballooning student debt, the demands of cultivating an entrepreneurial university, and the university in 2030.

Future of Work

For many, education continues to serve as a vehicle by which they prepare themselves for successful, fulfilling careers in an ever-transforming world of work. In this track, we zoom in on the multifaceted, complex relationship between education and employability. We offer best-practices by which curricula can include work-oriented experiential learning, examples of excellence in lifelong learning provision, the role that microdegrees and new forms of credential might have to play in revolutionizing the education-work relationship, and examples from universities that are successfully incorporating employability-enhancing pedagogy into their classrooms.

Meet Microsoft, Cambridge, Huawei, Columbia, Intel & pedagogical innovators from all over the world.