Student-Led Innovation Award

This prize will be given to the best pedagogical approach or educational innovation that is driven predominantly by students, whether at a tertiary or K12 level.

Reimagine Education’s primary aim is to empower the world’s students by improving teaching, learning, and employability outcomes. Our extensive conversations with academics over the past three years have continuously involved the reiteration of a need to foster student-centred learning – to create educational experiences that places the student at the heart of that experience.

To underline our commitment to student-centred learning, we’ll this year reward the best educational innovation driven primarily by students. The winning entry will demonstrate clear improvements to learning outcomes, teaching practice, or employability, and be driven predominantly, if not exclusively, by the learners.

Those seeking guidance about what we’re looking for can view this TedX talk provided by Kayla Delzer, award-winning teacher and international keynote speaker. In this video, she advocates the need to center students at the heart of the learning process, and provides means by which educators can do so.