Dayton Johnson Executive Search and Consultancy

Shortlist Presentation Coaching Support from Dayton Johnson Executive Search and Consultancy for the 2019 Reimagine Shortlisted Presenters

Looking out at your audience while standing on stage can be an intimidating experience.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of 10 people or hundreds of people, giving the perfect presentation can be challenging.

Succeed in telling your story by fully engaging your audience to understand and remember the relevance of your work and product.

Having trained many EdTech professionals to improve their presentation skills, Dayton and Eileen Johnson will be available to coach conference presenters in advance of the 2019 Reimagine Education Awards to connect with their audience and improve their presentation.

An exceptional presentation comprises intellect, emotion and technique.  We keep it simple and focus on your core message, providing feedback and strategies for success.

Shortlist Presentation Coaching Services can be scheduled for 20-minute individual sessions in November from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM MST at no charge.  Presentations must be timed and submitted in advance, including documentation for the five areas of judging criteria: Project Approach, Project Engagement, Project Impact, Scalability and Competitor Comparison / Uniqueness.

Dayton Johnson Executive Search and Consultancy:

Dayton Johnson Executive Search and Consultancy has been the go-to resource for innovators in the fields of educational technology, and publishing in both K-12 and higher education for decades. Dayton and his team are well known for their successes in growing revenue for educational companies through strategic consultation and by recruiting game-changing talent. Dayton and his team recruit the strongest players in the Global EdTech Industry for leadership positions, including CEOs and VPs in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Implementation. Dayton’s credentials include his achievements as an Educator, State Department of Education Technology Director as well as Senior National Sales Leader and Strategist with IBM, Scholastic, and six K-12 start-up companies. He has co-authored several publications in educational technology, has been the recipient of numerous achievement awards, and holds a master’s degree in education

A Review from the 2018 Reimagine Education Conference, San Francisco: Dayton and Eileen Johnson:  Session Hosts and Moderators:

Having participated in many EdTech Conferences over the years, we were inspired by the cutting-edge global innovators committed to accessibility, empowerment and the global potential of EdTech to improve the lives of people throughout the world.  The intellect, energy, drive and enthusiasm of the presenters was contagious and strengthened our belief in the power of innovation in education to change the world.